Fit to be Tied

Ever notice that the sun sets 3 1/2 times faster than normal when you’re trying to set up camp; even more so when you bring your children along? It’s good to have a handy trick or two to save time and make both getting to camp and setting up a little easier. What if I told you that a little Gear Tie could secure loose items in your canoe, bundle loose gear at a portage and even organize frequently reached for items at camp.

Backcountry camping is wonderful. It enables us to leave behind the stresses of work, home and life in general. It allows my husband and I, along with our 5 children, to connect and work together. It’s been a great character and skill building experience. We have moments of frustration and arguments, but the payoff in what we learn about ourselves and each other is worth it.  To make these moments not so painful, an important course of action is to look ahead to things that cause potential friction and frustration and then addressing them with an efficient and effective solution. Inevitably there are gear, supplies and equipment that won’t fit in a dry bag, food barrel or storage bin.

To our younger kids on a portage, we give the responsibility of carrying the paddles and fishing gear. Their small hands can only carry one paddle at a time. We stop frequently on the portage to untangle fishing lines that snag on branches and brush.

 In the canoe, tipping is always a possibility. Despite that chance being slim, our priority as parents would be our children and their safety, not our gear. By the time we ensure their safety, cameras, water bottles, fishing poles and paddles could be all over the place.

Enter Nite Ize Gear Tie which bend and twist in any direction to secure your item. Zip ties still have their place, but out in the backcountry it’s not convenient because of their one time use and then must be carried your full trip until you are able to properly dispose of them.

Grooves in the Nite Ize Gear Tie create a secure grip with a quick twist tie around the items you wish to bundle. We make a little handle with the extra tail on the Gear Tie, after we have tied our paddles and fishing poles together. Bundled together, what was an awkward bunch of items to carry and snag on branches, have become quite easy to handle. Now with easy to carry gear, look around during your portage, enjoy seeing colourful mushrooms, miniature moss villages and in season wild berries.

In the canoe, we use these Gear Ties to secure cameras, water bottles, spare paddle and other items that we want to have convenient access to.  This summer we spotted a moose in the reeds drinking from the lake. Another time, we saw a beaver swimming by, hauling branches. In awe, we took in the sight of an eagle who was sitting just feet above us on a branch extending over the water. A quick twist released the camera from the Gear Tie, which had secured it to the canoe, allowing us to capture these incredible moments. 

At camp, we string up rope and a Nite Ize Gear Line with some 8″ Gear Ties looped on. Being organized at camp helps us to set up efficiently. Hanging frequently used items keeps them clean and easy to find. I prefer hanging a damp cloth or towel from a Gear Tie because it both secures it during a gust of wind and keeps it off the tree which can be sticky from sap. An organized camp means as soon as hammocks are hung or tents are pitched a fire can be started, water boiled and food cooked, reaching for items on the Gear Line as they are needed. It’s frustrating to search for an item you have set down, it adds a feeling of rushed pressure, and the time spent searching doesn’t help hungry stomachs. There are 3 sizes of Nite Ize Gear Ties that we use depending on the item we need tied. 8″ Gear Ties are great for wrapping around charger cables, supporting your phone so it can stand alone and hanging a lantern.

18″  Gear Ties secure a shovel to your four-wheeler, conveniently hang your drill, tie boots to a line so they can dry out, or even bundle booster cables or extension cords. 

24″ length is great for strapping paddles and fishing poles together, conveniently leaving enough Gear Tie left to make a little handle. Twist Gear Ties on the Nite Ize Gear line for frequently reached for items such as shoes, cutlery, water bottles or a camera; moreover, use them to hang a wet towel or cloth. 

We reached for our Gear Ties all summer, consequently attest to both their durability and versatility. Are you looking to buy Nite Ize Gear Ties? We, at Hofman Outdoor Gear Supply, are a Canadian Authorized dealer for Nite Ize products. In our online store,, you can find various sizes of Gear Ties and a couple colour options.

My husband was watching a YouTube video of a canoeing adventure. While I was writing this blog, he had me pause and take a look at a clip of a teenage boy fumbling an awkward armload of paddles. “Nite Ize Gear Ties would have solved that problem, ” my husband said.

I’d love to both hear and see about the uses you have for Nite Ize Gear Ties! How have they saved you time or made life a little easier?

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