DIY Gathered End Hammock

Gathered End Hammock Instructions Finished Length: 10′ 6”

1. Measure and cut your fabric. Seam allowances for a rolled hem is 0.5″ and the 2 end channels require a 3″ channel – 6″ total for each end.

Total raw length = 11′ 1″

  1. Using a rolled hem, hem the 2 long edges of fabric.
  2. Hem the ends by simply folding once and sewing. A rolled hem is not necessary on the end

channels as they are created in the next step effectively hiding the raw edge of the fabric.

4. On the short ends of the piece of fabric measure 3″ from the hem and fold. Sew 3 lines

of straight stitches one next to the other along the hem line you created in step 2. These two channels we are creating is where all the weight will be placed when the hammock is in use. It’s imperative that we have a strong stitch.

5. Done! all that is left is to install the continuous amsteel loops through the channels. Fold the loop in 1/2 and pass through the channel (gathering the ends). Then simply pass the folded loop through itself and pull tight. This is sometimes called a Larks Head knot.